Ancient Roman Villas The Essential Sourcebook
ISBN: PB: 9781606069370, Getty Publications, December 2024
424 pp., 25,4x17,8 cm, 30 colour illus.
While the term villa is generic today, its meaning extended across the entirety of ancient Roman life: villas supplied food, oil, and wine to towns and cities and produced raw materials for craft industries and building construction. Villas were also...
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World of Songye Passions and Collections
ISBN: HB: 9780300267020, Yale University Press, Mercatorfonds, November 2024
416 pp., 31,7x25,0 cm, 300 colour and black&white illus.
The ultimate and authoritative introduction to Songye culture, sculpture, masks, and iron forging. This lavishly illustrated book brings a new approach to the masterpieces of Songye, a Bantu ethnic group from the central Democratic Republic of the C...
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Noh and Kyogen Masks Tradition and Modernity in the Art of Kitazawa Hideta
ISBN: HB: 9783791377537, Prestel Publishing, September 2024
224 pp., 30,0x24,0 cm, 168 colour illus.
Featuring breathtaking photographs of masks created by a renowned twenty-first-century craftsman, this book provides a unique perspective into noh and kyogen, two of the oldest surviving forms of theater in the world. Kitazawa Hideta is a traditiona...
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Origins of Judaism An Archaeological-Historical Reappraisal
ISBN: PB: 9780300276657, Yale University Press, April 2024
384 pp., 23,4x15,6 cm, 18 black&white illus.
Groundbreaking research that utilizes archaeological discoveries and ancient texts to revolutionize our understanding of the beginnings of Judaism. Throughout much of history, the Jewish way of life has been characterized by strict adherence to the...
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Collecting Mesoamerican Art before 1940 A New World of Latin American Antiquities
ISBN: PB: 9781606068724, Getty Publications, February 2024
336 pp., 25,4x17,8 cm, 91 colour illus., 27 black&white illus., 1 table, 1 map
This book traces the fascinating history of how and why ancient Mesoamerican objects have been collected. It begins with the pre-Hispanic antiquities that first entered European collections in the sixteenth century as gifts or seizures, continues thr...
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Early Modernity and Mobility Port Cities and Printers across the Armenian Diaspora, 1512-1800
ISBN: HB: 9780300247534, Yale University Press, September 2023
584 pp., 23,4x15,6 cm, 11 black&white illus.
A history of the continent-spanning Armenian print tradition in the early modern period. "Early Modernity and Mobility" explores the disparate yet connected histories of Armenian printing establishments in early modern Europe and Asia. From 1512, w...
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Revolutionary Things Material Culture and Politics in the Late Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World
ISBN: HB: 9780300259018, Yale University Press, July 2023
392 pp., 23,4x15,6 cm, 46 black&white illus.
How objects associated with the American, French, and Haitian revolutions drew diverse people throughout the Atlantic world into debates over revolutionary ideals. Historian Ashli White explores the circulation of material culture during the Americ...
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Amongst the Ruins Why Civilizations Collapse and Communities Disappear
ISBN: HB: 9780300259285, Yale University Press, April 2023
304 pp., 23,4x15,2 cm, 80 colour illus.
"Amongst the Ruins" explores the loss of ancient civilizations, the collapse of ruling elites, and the disappearance of more recent communities and their local traditions. Some of these are now sealed under 3,000-year-old peat, others lost to rising...
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Development of Complex Societies in Southeastern Shandong, China Settlement Patterns from the Neolithic to the Han Period
ISBN: PB: 9780913516331, Yale University Press, January 2023
352 pp., 24,7x17,1 cm, 222 black&white illus.
A comprehensive account of a pioneering archaeological project in the province of Shandong that transformed understandings of regional settlement patterns. From 1995 to 2007, researchers from China and the United States conducted a systematic, full-...
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Codice Maya de Mexico Understanding the Oldest Surviving Book of the Americas
ISBN: PB: 9781606067888, Getty Publications, October 2022
96 pp., 22,9x15,2 cm
An in-depth exploration of the history, authentication, and modern relevance of Codice Maya de Mexico, the oldest surviving book of the Americas. Ancient Maya scribes recorded prophecies and astronomical observations on the pages of painted books. Al...
21.99 GBP